Support Black Owned Business

We hear many messages telling Blacks and non-Black allies to "support Black owned businesses". Sharing the idea is good, sharing the message is better, taking the action is best. Below, find your best way to take action and support Black owned businesses.

Circulate the Black Dollar

Stated simply, buy Black. What does this mean? Search for Black owned business that provide your day to day necessities and special occasion needs. The options are endless. Check out the Black Owned Business directory for your needs. 


For the Good of the People

The commonly used term "Pro Bono" is a phrase that comes from the Latin Phrase "Pro Bono Publico", which means "For the good of the people". The phrase usually refers to legal services performed free of charge or at a reduced fee for the public good. Buying black is definitely for the public good and therefore the phrase applies. If you are a non-Black ally with a business, consider offering your services to Black owned businesses, Pro Bono.


Share the Good News

People are much more likely to share their bad experiences with others than they are to share their good experiences. Instead, let's start sharing good experiences publicly, and bad experiences privately. Find a way to provide helpful feedback to Black owned businesses in a way that will not deter others from the business. Growth is the goal. When a Black owned business does well, shout it to the mountain top so everyone knows about your good experience.

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Build the Black Affinity Network

If you are the owner of a business, please consider creating a Black Affinity page to add to your business's website. List Black owned businesses and link their websites. If you are Black, ask for them to do the same and to include you on their Black Affinity page. This creates a network of Black owned businesses and increases views based on your site's traffic and their site's traffic. Now, if you blow up you should eventually charge a fee (wink wink). See the Black owned businesses in my network, below.


Buy Black

BestEd Business

Your one stop shop for construction safety supplies and PPE, office supplies, educational materials, furniture and much more. Check out the website. 

Hempress Naturals

Hempress Naturals is an ALL Natural handcrafted product source specializing in Hemp products. Check out the website. 

Imani Counseling Services, LLC

A counseling service provider serving individuals, couples and families with a variety of needs. Check out the website.

Life is Peachy

Live your life by design not default. A handcrafted jewelry company. Check out the website. 

TMJ Media

Tiana Marshe is an author, professional mentor and profound, highly sought after speaker. Through TMJ Media, Tiana offers professional life mentoring services through production and publication of print, social media and much more. Check out the website. 

Wisconsin Property Solutions Group

Wisconsin's premier real estate investment firm...We buy houses in Milwaukee. Check out the website and also check out associated realtor, Justin Doss's website