Sarah Brown - Executive Director of a Non-Profit Org.

The leader, staff members, and the organization's name has been changed or redacted for the purpose of maintaining client's privacy.

Sarah, executive director of a non-profit organization that supports women entrepreneurs, was having difficulty engaging with diverse entrepreneurs. Sarah sought out executive leadership coaching through Martin Perry Consulting and Training. Certified coach, Krystle Perry, began the coaching series with a questionnaire to learn Sarah's needs and to learn the areas of opportunity that existed within the organization. 

After a few weeks of coaching, Sarah learned about herself, her desire to implement an intentional diversity equity and inclusion journey and she became aware of her staff member's underlying issues related to DE&I, which was impeding the organization's ability to engage with diverse potential clients.  

Sarah was able to:

  • Assess the readiness of her individual team members and the organization as a whole, for a DE&I journey launch. 

  • Develop a DE&I journey map with segmented milestones. 

  • Apply tactics learned to the way she managed her team to better prepare her team for the organization's DE&I journey launch.

  • Report to and justify the DE&I journey to the Board of Directors.

  • Update the organization's values, vision, and mission statement. 

Sarah ended her coaching series feeling more confident in approaching DE&I and more aware of her own knowledge and understanding; she knew more than she thought she knew. Sarah felt empowered with a new strategy to engage with and recruit diverse entrepreneur clients to be supported as a new entrepreneur, by her organization.